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Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment. Yes, formative assessment, you know what teacher’s do on a regular basis, but district’s and the state want the “evidence” for. Well, below you can find several tools that might make sharing that evidence of learning with the “powers at be” a lot easier.

My principal recently sent out a link with digital formative assessment tools that can be used in the classroom. From the list, I’ve only used two…that’s right, two. I had thought I was totally “in the know” when it came to digital assessment. Well, I’m not. Here is the link that was shared: GlobalDigitalCitizen.

The two that I’m familiar with using are Poll Everywhere and Google Forms. I have used both in my classroom. I love them and so do my students. My students really enjoyed pulling out their cell phones in class to text in their response for the Poll Everywhere question and thought taking quizzes on Google Forms was easy. I have used Poll Everywhere for introducing a new topic and checking for understanding. Students love to watch the poll update as results come in! I have used Google Forms for surveys, quizzes, and tests. I love that you can change the type of questions, add images and videos, and you can even grade the results using Flubaroo! (If you don’t know what Flubaroo is or how to use it, check out this link: Flubaroo)


*I will caution you about allowing students to use their cell phones in class. You have to watch them like a hawk. The minute they think you aren’t watching, they will get on Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Now, I know, you are probably thinking, “Duh, that’s why I don’t use tools like these.” However, I would say to you that if you really set the tone and enforce good digital citizenship, the use of technology like cell phones can be really effective and fun.

With the huge push for formative assessment, I love checking out new tools like the ones listed in the link. If you have used any of these tools, please share your experience below! I’d love to hear from you.