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Winter Break

I meant to get this out before winter break began, but was unable to do so! The craziness of the holidays has passed for now so I figured I better post something while I can!

Before we left for break, I gave my students a reading challenge. I was surfing through Pinterest one day and came upon a few ideas for winter break reading. I really liked the ideas I found, here are my favorite:

Cookies and Cocoa!

TPT Store Link to Winter Break Marshmallow Challenge by More Than a Worksheet

These ideas got me thinking…”What are my students going to do over break?” (Besides play video games and sleep all day???) I really wanted them to read over the break, but I didn’t want to make it boring and tiresome. So, I combined some of the ideas I found and made it my own!

I challenged my students to complete each day’s activity. Some days required them to read more than others, some days are more active than others, but each activity was meant to get them to read something. In order to make it more fun, I included an incentive for those that decided to do some of the activities: Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies! (I got this incentive idea from the Cookies and Cocoa blog post!)

Here is a link to my TPT store where you can download a copy of my challenge for free! It is editable so you can change it up how you like! Winter Break Reading Challenge

Even though this was meant for Winter Break, I’m sure you can change it up for Spring Break or even a fun reading challenge during the winter months!

Happy New Year!!!